Mac OS Monitor filter: can I use this TV as a monitor?
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Can this TV be used as a monitor in the way that I desire?

I have this TV, and I want to use it as monitor. I've set it up to test it, and I'm limited to ~1368 wide. I'd like to get a higher resolution and I can't get a conclusive answer as to whether this is possible.

What I'm looking for is more screen real estate, not a bigger version of the same resolution I'm getting on my 20" monitor.

Thanks in advance to all who respond.
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Can you drop the link again?
posted by supercres at 9:39 AM on September 1, 2021

Response by poster: The link again: this television set.

(my apologies for the bad link!)
posted by ivanthenotsoterrible at 10:21 AM on September 1, 2021

No, that TV isn't capable of higher resolution (it's HD, but only 720, not 1080). You need a full HD TV or monitor, or even a 4K. That will give you more content on whatever screen you get than what you can get now.
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That device claims to be a 720p monitor, meaning it will be very, very cramped if used as anything but a secondary display for holding a couple of small windows.
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That TV is limited to 720P, which means a maximum resolution of 1280 × 720. Before you go shopping for another TV, please note that some old Macs won't be able to drive a 4K display at its full resolution. If you have such an old Mac (like the 2014-era Mac mini I have connected to our 4K TV) it will only send 1080P (1920 × 1080) to the TV and not the full 3840 × 2160 glory of 4K. Research your specific Mac before shopping.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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