Short, thick and padded - Help me find the guitar strap of my dreams
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I want a short, wide padded guitar strap.

Metafilter, help me out here - I want a short (adjustable to 36 inches AND SHORTER), wide (4 inches or even a little wider) and padded guitar strap. For my ergonomics at the instrument I like to wear it high up on my chest, and my shoulder is complaining about my current skinny strap. So far I have not found a wide trap that adjusts as short as I want. Thanks in advance - you all rock!
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I have no specific suggestion, but I like my bass higher up and I have some Franklin straps that aren't padded, but they're think leather, and I had a leather person punch a couple new holes and slits in that skinny part and then trim off the excess.
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Etsy has quite a selection of guitar straps. You may find someone willing to do a custom order for you.
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This doesn't quite meet either of your requirements, but it's close (warning: Bezos): KLIQ AirCell Guitar Strap. It's only 3" wide and only adjusts to 38". I have the longer version and it's really comfortable with my acoustic. If the width works, you could probably pin up the 'tail' to make it shorter.
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Couch makes great straps. Plus they look super-cool. The widest off-the-rack strap they make is 3", but they do take custom orders. It wouldn't hurt to find out if they can do one to your specs. I rock one of their regular-width vinyl straps and it's been a real pleasure to use.
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Maybe look into straps for bass guitar. Because of the heavier weight of a bass, they tend to be wider and have more padding.
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36" is really short for a guitar strap. All of the "short" straps I can find only go down to 40". You might need to look for a kid's strap, get something custom made, or just get a leather strap that you can punch your own holes into. I have a thick padded strap from Walker & Williams that's been great (and affordable.) Mono straps are also reputable.
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