How can I make this woven curtain tie-back?
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It seems like a person with rope, beads, and a history of making friendship bracelets could do it. Link inside.

This curtain tie-back looks like something I could make, but I don't know what the knots are called, or what the weaving style is called. Instruct me?
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Best answer: I think the square knot instructions on this page might do the trick.
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Best answer: That reminds me of the paracord bracelet patterns that I see everywhere, just made with a more natural looking material. The bead might be the hardest thing to source, since it looks like at least two lengths of rope go through the hole.
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macrame curtain tie back

This phrase will google you to YouTube instructions, etc…
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yes, it's macrame, which is making quite a comeback in the last couple of years.
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Response by poster: Thanks! That certainly does look like the paracord bracelet. That seems to be the same style. And the linked macrame strands from Serene Empress Dork gave me the idea that I could do different styles for the curtains in different rooms. (Look at that spiral one!) The beads I already have from a previous craft where I was able to purchase large bore ones, coincidentally, so I'm hoping those work. I might paint them.
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