Need to decorate a bedroom with zero research.
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I'm looking for ideas online to decorate a guest bedroom, complete with shopping links.

I just moved into my new house and need to set up the guest bedroom, but I have absolutely zero design skills! And also zero time to source things.

What I'm looking for is a design website that A. has ideas for decorating and B. has links that show where to buy the stuff. For example, this. or this. They show a room and then they have links to all the stuff if you want to buy it.

I see tons of room ideas on Pinterest but... its just a picture of the room, or maybe a link to one item in the room like the bed. Help! I'm not fussy and don't need anything over the top or elaborate. I just need basic ideas plus links on where to buy the stuff. I have about $1000 to spend on the whole thing (and I already have the mattress for the bed). One last thing, as I put in all my furniture questions, NO IKEA :)
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Do you just mean the soft goods, or all the furniture also?
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Response by poster: Lyn Never, I need everything! Paint, furniture, accessories.....
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Are you willing to pay? You could use a service like Modsy. You send in photos and measurements of your room, do a style quiz, and answer some questions and they send back a couple 3D modeled options with links to buy everything in the room. I believe you can specify a price point and even specific stores. Or if you’re fine with getting everything from one store, most of the home stores like West Elm, Crate and Barrel, etc offer design services.
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Lots of these sold as dorm rooms, some with double beds. Removable wallpaper! Possibly easier than repainting.

Eg dormify
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Pick something. A room you like, an idea, a feeling, and you'll get more help. How many windows, and what direction do windows face (NSEW). How much empty wall space is there, and you really have to suggest ideas if you want art recommendation, but, really, pick artwork you like from Society6 or a MeFite who makes art. And - Budget.

Paint, in a color. If the room faces North, light taupe(gray with a lot more beige in it, warmer color, ex. Sherwin Williams 7044 Amazing Gray). If it faces South, slightly warm gray(ex. Sherwin Williams 7029 Agreeable Gray). I picked a bunch of nice furnishings as if they were for an airbnb. Stuff you order will need some assembly. To avoid that, go to Macy's or similar and ask a sales person to help you choose, and have it delivered and set up.

A guest room has a bed, or a couch that folds out, or a futon. A place for a person to put a suitcase, possibly a bench. A bedside table or equivalent, maybe 2 of them. A dresser. Lamps, 1 for each bedside table, and one on a dresser, if there is one. If there's room, a comfortable chair near a lamp, or with a tall lamp or a table and lamp.

A rug unless there's carpet. Curtains and/or blinds. Sheets, blanket, comforter, pillows. Extra towels, possibly, including facecloth. If you want to be extra, get pillow shams in the color of the sheets, or that match the comforter, and a 2nd set of pillows.

Accessories - a clock radio, a USB plug for a charging cable, a small mirror, a power strip near the bed and one on a dresser if you get one. Make a note with the wifi name and password and put it somewhere.
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If you click through to the blog post for many of the pins you see on pinterest, most bloggers have affiliate links to the products in their blog post.
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Best answer: Jenna Sue has remodeled quite a few houses, and she lists sources house by house and room-by-room. You'll have to look through each house to see the various bedrooms, but there are many different styles. (Click the 'Sources' for each house, or use the menu at the top.) Riverside Retreat has some interesting bold ideas

Also Emily Henderson has a great website with lots of inspiration and sources.
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