What was this car sticker for?
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Today we were driving through Colorado. A truck with a big American flag pulled in front of us and had a white sticker that said “Riders of the Storm - 2021” above an American flag. It almost looked like a political campaign sticker based on the design. When we Google that phrase and year, nothing pops up except “riders of the storm” which is not tied to any political or American campaign that we could find. We wondered if it was part of the people who “stormed” the Capitol in January? Does anyone know what the sticker means?
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Best answer: Not certain, but likely this Colorado-based... thing that appears to be engaged in some sort of pandemic relief and/or related activities.
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Response by poster: Wow thank you for that quick find! It seems like a kind…organization…(?) by the mission but I do see people with Trump 2020 hats in pictures which makes me wonder what’s up with the slogan. Eh. Well. Mystery solved!
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“The storm” is a central piece in the batshit QAnon puzzle, so it could be some nonsense related to that.
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That site has waaaaaaaaay too many flags and links to veterans groups to be left of Genghis Khan, to paraphrase my mom.
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Don't miss the web page on cannabis with the url "cannibus" inviting people in the industry to partner with their Senior Director, one "ladyvet420".
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These are my kind of patriotic pranksters. But they're serious, and I think that's okay. Especially with the emphasis on the Golden Rule.
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And I sense attempted culture jamming/distortion with some right-wing tropes & dog-whistles.
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Phwa, that website asks more questions that it answers. Don't assume marijuana always indicates liberal leaning nor - I remind myself - does military affiliation imply the converse. Nevertheless, they probably weren't heavily involved in 1/6 and, while I think we - with me a liberal but rather white male - would coexist in an apocalypse, I wouldn't wager we vote the same.
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Something edgy about the first page, but my empathy quotient jumped up thirty points when I clicked on the autism link.
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