Using remote control on an Intel NUC
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How do I get my Harmony 650 remote to work with my Intel NUC?

I have a Samsung TV, a Yamaha receiver, and an Intel NUC (model NUC10i3FNB running Windows 10 Pro) as part of my home theater PC set up. I've had a Logitech Harmony 650 remote for a few months and finally decided to use it. I've successfully programmed it to turn on the TV and AV together to watch TV, and the TV, AV, and Blu-Ray player on together to watch movies. So far, so good.

But while the TV and AV receiver portions of the PC set up work, I cannot get the 650 to turn on my PC. Per the diagram I saw of my NUC, there is an CIR receiver in the front (it's towards the bottom on the left side of this photo), but the Harmony software doesn't have a handy list of options to select from like they do for all my other components. Has anyone here been able to program this successfully, or could direct me to what I need to do to get the remote to interact with my NUC? Thanks.
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If you have a remote that works and the 650 supports learning, you can learn the codes from that existing remote.

There used to be a way to program arbitrary codes using third party software, but I haven't used a Harmony in over a decade, so I'm not sure if that is still an option. If it is, you can probably look the codes up online for the NUC. I have seen PCs with IR remotes that can't be turned on or woken from sleep by the remote, however.

That said, a NUC at idle probably uses less power than a cable box on standby, so it isn't the end of the world if you have to leave it running.
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A bit of googling says that there should be an option in the BIOS/UEFI Setup environment to allow IRDA (the standard for IR devices) to wake from sleep and/or power on the device. Some say ”Xbox mode" and others say "Power On via USB S5 State" (where S5 is a low-power system state).

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