Anyone remember a sitcom named Whoops?
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Does anyone remember a sitcom named Whoops?

It was from the eighties at some point. The opening credits involved a military parade in which a live nuclear weapon goes off accidentally. The pilot included the cast holing up in a cabin somewhere and fighting a huge mutated spider.

[Any of these facts might be inaccurate, including the name.]
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It was called Woops. That's why you can't find anything on it.
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Best answer:
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"Whoops Apocalypse"? I never saw the show, but I've seen the movie, and I just happened to look it up on IMDB last night.

On preview: Huh. "Woops" was a TV series in 1992. Don't think I ever saw that one.

On preview again: too slow.
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks man.
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"Whoops Apocalypse" was from 1982 (TV) and 1986 (film).
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See also the apparently British show "Whoops Apocalypse."
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GAH! *destroys world*
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Thanks, Skot. Now I feel better!
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To answer your question: yes, I do remember it, albeit vaguely. :) I was a couch potato kid back then, so I saw pretty much everything, including short-lived TV shows and crap fiction. I don't remember much, but I'm pretty sure there was a sardonic fat guy (although that's hardly a stretch for a sitcom). I even recall a quasi- Mark Linn-Baker looking type in the show, which upon imdb'ing is I bet a younger Evan Handler when he had hair.

God, I watched so much tv back then... I even watched every episode of "Once a Hero" if I recall it correctly, about a superhero come to life but without any powers... which was at the time a record for the fastest cancellation in history, after 2 episodes. Christ, I watched a lot of goddamn TV....
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Actually, I liked the idea that one of the characters survived because he was in a Volvo.
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I remember thinking that it sounded like a really promising idea.

I hope I'm not still that dumb.
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The only things I remember about that show are that "Whoops" is spelled in that weird, non-standard, fourth-gradish way, and that there was an episode where they were trying to figure out what to use as currency and it was horrible. I'm all about high concept comedy, but this was just awful.
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