Help me find a specific BC comic strip
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Longshot alert: I'm looking for a specific BC comic strip that I know only by secondhand description.

It's a strip that made my elderly father laugh enough to tell me about it many years later. I'd like to find him a copy. This is what I know:

BC (or possibly another character) is watching an insect crawl along the ground. In each panel the insect has moved a little and the sun in is in different position in the sky, but BC hasn't moved. In the last panel, BC says something like, "What a waste! All day to go from there to there!"

(In case it doesn't come across in text, the joke is that BC wasted his own day doing even less than the insect. Not exactly a side-splitter, but there's no accounting for taste.)

This sounds to me like a daily strip (rather than a longer Sunday strip), but I can't be sure. Google is no help. I looked online at a few archives, but they don't go back far enough (the strip launched in 1958!). I suspect my father would have seen it about 20 years ago, but that's pure speculation.

If I have a publication date I can try to track down a collection that it was published in. Any leads appreciated!
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Best answer: I found it! In a book, sorry, no link. It's a daily strip. It's a snail he's watching, and the punchline is "What a waste!... One whole day just to get from there to there."

I've got it in the UK paperback collection B.C. - It's a Funny World. The date in the strip is 3/21, it's towards the end of the book, and the original copyright on the strips is 1969-70, so 21st March 1970?

Flicking through cartoon books reading just the last panel on each page is quite a surreal experience.
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Response by poster: From longshot to solved in 22 minutes. Thank you so much!

(Also, wow, 51 years ago! This is blowing my mind.)
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