Dear Humans: I'm Looking for Structured, Straight-info Podcasts
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I'm trying to build up a little collection of podcasts that are focused on relaying data or information in a structured format. Examples found so far include Glenn Hauser's World of Radio and Amateur Radio Newsline (though the former is preferred because it's a bit gentler on the ears, and I will be napping to this stuff). Non-podcast examples: NOAA weather radio, BBC Radio 4 shipping forecast. Any data is OK! Just not as much banter, opinion, wit. Thanks for any suggestions.
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Best answer: I have been a fan off the brain science podcast, with dr ginger campbell, since it first aired in the mid 2000s. Definitely no banter.
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Best answer: Not quite sure if it fits the bill exactly, but Drachinifel's naval history on YouTube is both well-researched and very interesting, but also dry enough that I can fall asleep listening to it, as white noise.
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