Recommendation for cat backpack
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Recommendations for a good quality "cat backpack" that is breathable and durable?

I think my cat would like to go for a walk with me in one of those cat backpacks. The reviews on amazon are a bit confusing and don't seem super reliable.

I have seen the kind that are clear plastic. Do these provide enough ventilation for cats? Do cats tend to like these things? What's been your experience? Have a good recommendation?
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I have this one, used for transporting cats to vet via bicycle. Neither of them loves it, but they don't hate it any more than they hate any carrier I've used to get them vetwards.

It feels secure on my back, gives the cat plenty of room, and doesn't sag on the bottom. I'm happy with it.
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I kinda love this one, it has the most ventilation of the ones that I saw while shopping, a solid flat lightly cushioned base for the cat to chill out on, and is pretty sizeable and relatively lightweight. I can't speak to the durability as I've only had it a few months.
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Seconding the Jespet. I used to take my kids on walks around the neighborhood and they were able to both sit down and stand up at leisure. I always wore it backwards (cat on chest) so I could keep an eye on them and stabilize their ride as necessary. You have to get used to the looks, but they had a fan at the neighborhood convenience store, and I enjoyed the dude who stopped to express admiration for my “kitten björn.”
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I have the same one as newpotato and it's pretty good for what I use it for (also biking cats to the vet like humbug!) and nice and breathable. The cats can see out of all the sides but the back, which they seem to like. Quality seems pretty sturdy and good, though I find it maybe a little stiff when I do wear it as a backpack, but I MUCH prefer a backpack-style carrier than the awkward hand-held ones and will use it as my primary carrier.
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