Simple, printed, whole-body dumbbell work out please
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Just like it says, i'm seeking a simple, whole-body, dumbbell workout that I can print off and stick to the wall. This is for a 40-something, female-bodied, aerobically fit human who is wasting away due to covid restrictions / work from home.

Ideally the workout plan will be:
- for the whole body / main muscle groups
- the same routine each session (if i have to overthink it or track it, i will lose momentum)
- for toning and to build everyday strength (I don't need to grow big muscles or be super strong)
- simple to follow (no exercises that require a lot of thinking to do correctly- my brain can't deal at the moment)
- only utilising dumbbells (its all I got and I have very limited space)

I have done a google search but got quickly overwhelmed by the range of results.

I DO NOT want an app/video/etc format as I want to be free from my devices whilst doing this workout.

What's worked for you? Happy to receive a list of exercises that meet my criteria, that I can then create my own printable document...

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With the caveat that I’ve not used it, I like the routines from — e.g. Dumbbell workouts
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RP released this workout at the start of COVID which I believe fits the bill. I used it until we bit the bullet and bought a squat rack.
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I’m not knowledgeable enough to suggest a full routine that hits all your criteria, but a few faves from my own routine(s) include:
* Turkish get-ups. I don’t personally have a kettlebell of the right weight, so I do it with a light free weight. It’s such a good whole-body exercise that (I hope!) will strengthen my getting-up ability for years to come.
* Goblet squats. (I really love a back-squat, but for dumbbells, one heavy one works great for goblets). Lower body strength.
* RDL (Romanian deadlifts). You can also do these with dumbbells. Strengthen those hammies!
* Overheard press. Arms!
* Suitcase carry. Pretty full body, works my core and stability.
Good luck!
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I keep meaning to try these short workouts.
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The 9-Minute Strength Workout
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Darebee has some great printable programs. They can make a program for you based on your needs or you can mix and match and print their sheets.
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I modified the Stronglifts 5x5 barbell program for use with dumbbells. It’s super simple, with only a handful of moves, and has done good things for my legs, core, hips, forearms.

(Instead of squats I do weighted lunges holding onto the dumbbells. Instead of a bench press I do a “floor press” in a bridge (hips in the air, shoulders on the mat). I don’t have enough weight for the dead lift, so I add reps. The military press is basically unchanged, except with the dumbbells. Same with the bent over row.)
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Three day dumbbell workout, over which you hit full body.
Full Body Dumbbell Only Workout

Nothing fancy but a reasonable number of exercises and basic instructions. Not formatted for printing so you might have to do some copy/pasting and editing to make it pretty.
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