Can I graft stonefruit scions onto an old, non-producing rootstock?
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I have a big peach tree that has stopped producing fruit (around 15 years old). It's still a healthy, vigorous tree, so I was wondering if it's realistic to graft scions onto it and expect to get fruit from those grafts. Does the scion care how old the rootstock is?
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Response by poster: Also, any tips on when and where to get stonefruit scions would be greatly appreciated.
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Interesting question! I think you should be ok but I'll also be interested to see what others with more experience say.

As for acquisition: where in the world are you? In my experience orchard/grafting enthusiasts are pretty happy to share and swap cuttings, maybe ask around at your local farmers market, also check out the local Nextdoor/Facebook groups if applicable.
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Peach trees tend to be short-lived. You'd be better off planting a young one -- they do grow and bear quickly!
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I don't have a specific answer for you, but there's a local group here in PA, Backyard Fruit Growers that would be an excellent resource. They have sources for purchasing and trading scions.

Good luck!
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