Picture book for an 11-year-old - writing prompts please!
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I made Photoshop picture books for the younger two of my friend's kids; now the oldest one wants one too. I'm stoked he likes them, and it's only fair, but I'm a little daunted by the idea of doing my little shtick for a much more sophisticated kid. He's well into chapter book age, number one, and number two, he's into taekwondo and Fortnite -- what story can I make about that? I saw this story about Fornite lore and oy vey. Can you suggest story ideas that lend themselves to pictures I can Photoshop this kid into?
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Maybe an evil villain kidnaps his younger siblings and steals them away to an underground lair, guarded by however many pages you want to do number of beasts and bad guys. The only way to save his siblings and bring them back home is for him to best them all with his wit and spin kicks.
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The Fortnite story, though a wee bit messy, gives it a lot of flexibility. What if a mysterious new threat comes to the island from another dimension and a person with only the right combination of skill (taekwondo?) and smarts can help defeat it?

In my experience with my 11-year-old son who is also VERY into Fortnite, getting the terms right is important (and I suspect a Fortnite 101 primer on the web could break all of that out.)
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Um, these look completely fun for adults. I wouldn't worry about the Fortnite references. Just be your funny self and include specifics that are interesting to you; they will be interesting to other people also. Find something you have in common with the kid, or just geek out about a taekwondo history/origin/modern story, or write a story about a future time he (in the future) faces a challenge -- finding a ride to go vote + other silly obstacles, or trying to nurse a sick plant back to health, or choosing an extracurricular activity in high school -- and have fun. Have fun!

It looks like you were totally having fun with the other books. I totally wish I could read them!
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