Help me find documentary about Singapore, please
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Really good, wide, moderately deep.

Did my due diligence, searched streaming services, news sites, etc. A lot.

I recently watched a rather good documentary about Singapore. It covered the food courts, ambivalence about Raffles/colonial rule, the Indian Chettiars, the influence of three cultures, Malay, Chinese, Indian, the outbreak of man-eating tigers, WWII, and the history of sanitation and toilets in Singapore. It is not the National Geographic shows. Might be a travelogue.

Ring any bells? Please help if you can. Going nuts here, remember all the details of the show but NOT where I came across it. Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: Was it this? Searching for Secrets: Singapore.

Either way, you should also check out this BBC Four documentary that aired in 2005. It's about a road trip (yes, road trip) from London to Singapore in 1955: Timeshift: The Lost Road (Overland to Singapore)
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Response by poster: That is it! Thank you! I'll check out the doc, thanks.
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