Did your youth church group adopt Rivers Of Babylon?
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I could swear that I learned The Melodians' Rivers Of Babylon as a folky, non-reggae song growing up in the 80s, most likely as a singalong at a liberal Christian summer camp or other church youth group (or possibly at folk festivals). I definitely do not mean the Boney M version but a folk style that deemphasized the ska stroke. And definitely not the 1979 performance for the Pope. Does anyone else remember it making into that sort of canon?
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I can tell you that a folk version as you mention is well-attested in the Jewish youth group world in the early 2000s. It also helps that Ps. 19:14 ("May the words of my mouth...") is an often-recited part of the Jewish liturgy. It's not in any of the songsters I have access to -- I would love to be able to give you documentation back a few more decades but no dice.
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Best answer: I spoke too soon, it's in Rise Up Singing (duh!) My edition which was published in 2004 lets me know that it appeared in Sing Out! magazine Vol. 23, Issue 6 which was published in 1975, meaning that it was current in the (secular) folk world at that point, as well as in "Worship in Song" which appears to be a Quaker hymnal from 1996.

So it's entirely possible that you heard a folk version of the Melodians' Rivers of Babylon either in a religious or secular context in the 80s.
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Response by poster: Rise Up Singing and Sing Out! both sound familiar (my parents were immersed in that type of folk scene). Thanks for confirming I'm not hallucinating it.
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Best answer: On Linda Ronstadt's Hasten Down the Wind, 1976, a capella.
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Don McLean’s version may be a pleasant surprise to anyone who only knows Boney M’s
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Yeah, totally. Unitarian youth group in the 80s sang this, but we referenced the Bob Marley version - along with "Three Little Birds."
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I learned it in school when I was six, so 1976. Perhaps a few years later at most.
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