I lost my vaccination card. What can I do?
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I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on April 29th and I lost my vaccine card immediately - either that day or the next.

It's possible it could be somewhere on my very cluttered desk, but I've dug through it pretty thoroughly. There are several boxes of papers that I need to sort through, but I'm almost positive that I wouldn't put it into a box of random papers.

It seems like there will be an increasing number of places you'll need to prove you've been vaxxed and I'm not sure what I can do.

I do have a photo of it on my phone - would that be sufficient? If not, is there a way I can get another copy of it?
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Best answer: Phone photos are sufficient where I am. Where are you?
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Response by poster: I also found this article (no paywall) which answers these questions.

ocherdraco: Oregon, US
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Best answer: I recently learned that my vaccination info is also stored in my health system's online portal. So if you showed your insurance card when you got stabbed, they'll also have a record of the vaccination.

I do believe that most of the places in Oregon that are asking for proof of vaccination are happy with a photo of the card.
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Best answer: I also found this article (no paywall) which answers these questions.

The NY Times had a similar article a little while back with identical advice.
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Best answer: I live in Oregon, lost my card (actually my wife had saved the card but I didn't ask her about it, lol.)

I called my county health department (their covid information hotline), asked for the card, and after putting up with 30 seconds of interrogation on why i lost my card and if I planned to use it again, they graciously wrote me up a new one and sent it in the mail a week later, for free. So , that should do it!
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Response by poster: More great newz Happydaz. I appreciate it, and all y'alls' answers in this thread.
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Response by poster: Follow up: I went to my health clinic last week and asked them if they could give me another copy of my vaccine card. They made me another one and the woman who handed it to me told me sternly, "If you lose it again you have to go back to Rite-Aid."

I folded it up (they're a totally awkward size) and put it in the pocket next to my driver's licence and my health insurance card. Like I want to go back to Rite-Aid. 🙄
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