Sourcing Clorox Scentiva Foam in Tuscan Lavender scent
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I’m trying to track down my holy grail foaming toilet cleaner. Clorox isn’t being helpful and it’s going for >$10 on Amazon, which is chaotic evil. Does anyone have any insight as to where I might find this stupidly specific product?

I know the spray is available, but I NEED THAT FOAM.
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You can buy a two pack on eBay with another cleaning product for $35. That’s literally it. If Clorox won’t help you, and it’s discontinued you’re unfortunately SOL. You can always write to them and voice your opinion, you might get a coupon back, but things get discontinued and then you find new things to replace it. And so it goes.
posted by Champagne Supernova at 10:54 AM on August 17, 2021

Response by poster: Ok, I got confirmation that it’s been discontinued; I was hoping this was just a temporary supply chain issue. It is to weep.
posted by chesty_a_arthur at 10:58 AM on August 17, 2021

Best answer: I have never done business with Prime Supplies in Schaumburg, Illinois but its site let me add a six-pack for $36 w/free shipping to a cart.
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