How can I find a photo of a 20 year old burka swatch advocacy?
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From at least 1999 to 2002, the Feminist Majority Foundation sold swatches of burka to raise money and awareness for Afghan women. Can anyone find a photo of these swatches, or a screenshot of the store listing of this item?

The first paragraph of this article describes this.

From my memory, this item was sold on a small piece of printed paper roughly the size of the current vaccine cards, and there was a small piece of blue fabric a little larger than a postage stamp attached with a gold safety pin.

Can anyone find a photo of this cloth and paper item, someone wearing the burka fabric as a pin, or an archive/screenshot of the store listing of this item?
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The Wayback Machine provides:'s online store, Nov. of 2001.

"Burqua Swatch - Symbol of Rememberance for Afghan Women

Description: This swatch of mesh represents the obstructed view of the world for an entire nation of women who were once free. Wear it in remembrance -- so that we do not forget the women and girls of Afghanistan until their right to work, freedom of movement, education, and healthcare are restored and they are free once again."
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Response by poster: I’m hoping to find photos of the actual swatch, but the store is helpful. Thanks!
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