Replacement Legs for Bed Frame - Lots of Lift Edition
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My bed frame needs to be about 8 inches off the ground so it doesn’t block the vent. It’s a basic metal bed frame with hollow plastic legs that fit like a sleeve (not threaded). Where can I get replacement legs significantly longer than the standard 3-ish inches? Do they exist?

I would rather not use risers because I think replacement legs will be more stable. It’s a Queen-size bed, includes the box spring, and will be going on a wood floor. I’m in the US.
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Four breezeblocks?
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Black plastic plumbing pipe, cut to the length of your choice. I know someone who used this method.
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You can get new legs at Ikea, and sort by height.
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Thousands of college students will tell you that risers are more stable than they seem. Honestly, I think risers are more stable than adding an 8" leg to a bed.
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I've used risers on my bed for years (similar to what hydra77 linked to, only mine are one single piece), and it's quite stable. In my case, I do it so I can keep extra storage under my bed but they really are surprisingly stable.
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I use full wood block risers on my bed instead of plastic ones - no issues. Got at blood bath and beyond 10 months ago. About four inches. I’ve also got the plastic kind, about 7 inches tall, under a 3/4 size couch I couldn’t get up and down from very steadily. No issues.
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