'80s mystery mall store
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Does anybody remember the name of an 80's mall store chain that sold posters? It sold mostly posters of relatively "classy" artwork that was meant to be framed and hung on the wall as decor as opposed to movie or band posters like you would see at Spencer's (though they may have sold those too). I definitely remember seeing some Patrick Nagels. I think the posters were arranged by general topic and you could walk around the store and flip through them. It may have survived even into the early 90s. Ring any bells?
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Best answer: In the UK, this was Athena.
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Best answer: Prints Plus?
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I don’t remember the name but yes, I do remember this store at the mall! This was in the Chicago suburbs, 80s/90s. I think they may have also done framing. Definitely more “fine art” than Spencer’s-ish posters. I remember the posters being displayed flat (not rolled up)and upright in bins and and you would flip through them. Will be watching this to see if anyone remembers the name!
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Oh wow, you just took me back. I don't remember the name but will be watching this thread!
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Deck The Walls?
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Best answer: to build on penguin pie’s answer, it was Athena in Canada too.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I'm almost certain now it was the generically named Prints Plus (I grew up in the northwest United States). Sadly there is very little information to be found on the internet about it as I was hoping to peruse some of the cool posters my allowance couldn't afford as kid. Happily though Athena looks to have had very similar stock and is much better documented on the internet so I'll browse through those instead.
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