Where are my HBO programs?
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DISH network is running ads for adding HBOmax memberships through DISH. They have previews —first episodes of some series— running on their Studio channel. I already have HBOmax through my Hulu Subscription. I can’t find those series at all on my HBO apps (phone, iPad, or TV set). What’s going on?

The two series I am looking for are The Flight Attendant and Raised by Wolves.
They both appear to be longstanding HBO products. Why can’t I find them?
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Best answer: Both of those shows are HBO Max exclusives. You will only find them on the HBO Max app. So first, make sure you have the HBO Max app, not any other HBO app, on your phone, tablet, and TV. Even though all HBO subscribers have access to HBO Max, and therefore nobody wants the other HBO apps, they haven't for some reason removed all the other HBO apps from app stores.

When you log in to HBO Max, be sure to log in through your provider and choose Hulu.
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Response by poster: Oh, sorry. My app is the Hulu app. It has a Hub for HBOmax which I use.
Why doesn’t that work? I can see everything else on HBO, apparently.

I tried downloading the actual HBOmax app. But when I select Hulu and enter the log in information i get an error message. “The subscription is associated with a different account”
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Response by poster: Okay, I’m in!
It took a little bit of fiddling but we are up and running.

Thank you, kindall!
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Glad you figured it out! Enjoy.

(Why aren't those two shows in the HBO Max "hub" on Hulu? Because HBO wants you to install their app. That's all it is.)
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