Selfie Stick Recomendations
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Can anyone vouch for a selfie stick they've used? I can take a blind stab at getting one from Amazon, but I'd love a personal recommendation from the green.

What I'm looking for:
* Able to handle heavier phones (note 9 with a case)
* Super Sturdy

What I don't necessarily need, though ok with having:
It doesn't need to be cheap <$75 is fine
It doesn't need to convert into a tripod
It doesn't need to be bluetooth / have a remote
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With $75 you can get one of the cheaper gimbals.
posted by kschang at 4:08 PM on August 15, 2021

I've bought (and lost) 2 Yoozons from Amazon and now have a third. They're cheap enough to lose (lol) and have done what I needed.
posted by cyndigo at 8:06 PM on August 15, 2021

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