What’s the best value item for <$200 on Amazon.com for shipping to UK?
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I have $200 Amazon.com credit, but live in the UK. I’m struggling to find stuff that feels like a great deal after taxes and import duties.

I have considered Apple Watches, iPads, DJI drones, but am looking for general recommendations for things that are either unavailable in the UK, just terrific value in $ compared to £. I’m not particularly looking to turn a profit, but would like to feel that I got good value. If the obvious answer is just kindle books, or something else digital, or just trading in my gift credit for something fungible, then I’m happy to hear that too.
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If you are UK based, you won't be allowed to buy Kindle books. However, depending on your taste, there are many books available from Amazon US not available or more expensive in the UK.
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I'm a UK-based person whose American parents sometimes send me Amazon gift cards that I can't use!

Does it need to be something that you'll own, or would you be interested in buying things for other people? In the past, I've also felt that the taxes and import duties weren't really worth the hassle so I used my Amazon US credit to buy book donations for US-based books-to-prisoners non-profits. Would something like that work? I suppose it depends on how you personally define "good value".
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Similar to books for prisons, there’s a “clear the list” movement for teachers with Amazon wishlists. It’s a decentralized phenomenon, but searching for your favorite state/region will pull up some leads.
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Sell it to an American?
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There’s a woman local to me who provides mutual aid in the form of diapers and hygiene supplies to her local community. She’s got an Amazon wishlist if that idea appeals.
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Swap it with an American who would buy an Amzn UK card. @ 144.22 GBP
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If you want to extract value from it, I'll nth "trade it with an American for sterling", not least because goods worth that kind of money are going to incur VAT and customs duty.
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23 ways to trade your Amazon gift card for "cash"

A couple of those are lame. (Ask for a refund? Hold a raffle?) but some avenues may be worth exploring.
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Watch movies on Amazon Prime.
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I'm having the same problem, albeit only with a $20 gift certificate, and is it really possible to pay to watch Amazon Prime videos using USD credit? I'd be very happy if it were but haven't found a way.
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