How do I get NextDoor to recognize my address?
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In my neighborhood there's 3 houses (mine included) that aren't in the neighborhood polygon in NextDoor for some reason. I have tried to use NextDoor's Contact Us to rectify this over the course of 6 months but have not received anything, no matter what option I seem to choose. My neighbors use NextDoor as a means to propagate information. I'm willing to try anything, including entering a new address, which NextDoor frowns upon. What's the best way to achieve my goals without having mail or something sent to my neighbors in the verification process?

There's a neighborhood committee that routinely posts things about the pool or when food trucks are going to be visiting. I believe neighbors also use it for other information even though I'm sure most of it is just noise. In any case "not using Nextdoor" is not a viable option to keep up to date unless Nextdoor has some sort of API I can consume.

I'm guessing whomever drew the polygon to do the neighborhood boundaries made a mistake and left out our houses which are in a deadzone. If there's a trick or way to maybe start a new neighborhood and get in that way I'd be up for it. Contacting their customer service, the way they recommend, is not helpful. Any ideas?
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Forgive me if you've already tried this, but just in case you haven't: NextDoor recommends contacting the lead/founding members of your neighborhood group to redraw the boundaries (link).
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... including entering a new address, which NextDoor frowns upon.[

Who gives a damn about what NextDoor frowns upon -- they have absolutely ignored you, you're trying to get this done, and if entering a new address will get them to respond to you then do it.

It's sometimes better to ask forgiveness afterwards than to ask permission ahead of time..

Just a thought, maybe a little bit reactionary but hey.
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Try "suggest address"
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I've had success with getting a blatantly racist post removed by @-ing the Nextdoor Twitter account. I think they're concerned about keeping people on Twitter happy because of the hilarious Best of Nextdoor.
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