Incorporate Foreign Company while maintaining a U.S. domestic company
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Looking for resources that explain how to structure this. I would be the owner of a foreign company, but what is the relationship between the two entities? and how do I fit in in terms of receiving payment?

I am looking for examples of structuring a foreign business that owns or acts as the beneficiary of the domestic business. And what entity should own what other entity.
And where am I in this, as someone who does work for the company?

How do people even learn about this stuff???

I am a U.S. citizen living outside of the U.S. for most of the year.
Some portion of my business's clients are U.S. based and I believe it's easier for them if I maintain a U.S. based entity.
But other parts of the business are outside of the U.S., and so am I.

My goal is to
- further establish my person and my business outside of the U.S.
- have some diversification of assets (in the same way I want a diversified investment portfolio, I want to diversify where my business is)
- better represent my business to prospects and partners outside of the U.S.
- and set things up in a way that are thoughtful about taxes

One more piece
A business partner and I plan to open a new business that our business would jointly own.
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Well first step would be to talk with your attorney. I imagine if they can't handle it, they'd be able to provide references to one who could. This sounds complex enough that going it in your own would likely cause more heartbreak than getting it set up properly in the first place. Have you talked with your accountant or lawyer about this yet? What do they say?
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