Help with kaput capacitor
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Will this replace that on my ceiling fan?

I need help from electrical knowers: can I replace
this ceiling fan capacitor with this item from Amazon?

If not, what should I get? Should I just pack it in and buy a $49.95 replacement at Home Despot? Wise electrical savants, please bless me with your knowledge (assume the cap has tested dead).

Thanks in advance to all who reply.
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Best answer: How many wires does the original cap have? Given that it's got two ratings (10uf and 5uf) I suspect it is a dual capacitor with at least three wires/leads. Amazon cap looks like a 2 wire job, with a single rating of 10uf. If my assumptions are correct, the amazon cap won't work properly. edit- looks like the original might have 4 leads?
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Response by poster: Five leads, so that's the answer. Thanks!

Would this one work?
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Best answer: It sounds like that 5 wire capacitor may now be sold as 5+5+5 instead of 10+5?

This site describes repairing a similar fan, and this Amazon review has people recommending a 5/5/5 as a replacement. What kind of fan do you have - a Hunter? If so, what model?
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Response by poster: I painted the body of the fan. It was brass, and I painted it black. I'll have to take some measures, so I might not get to this until tomorrow morning. I appreciate all your help so far, and I'll keep you posted on what I find out!

Thank you!
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Response by poster: I've discovered that it's a model 21234. Thankfully, the ID stickers on these things are pretty durable, and the numbers survived scraping off the paint I applied at least ten years ago...
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Response by poster: I've ordered the part, and I want to thank zamboni for helping me save a little bit of money. The cap should be here tomorrow, and I'll let you know if it was a success. Thanks again!
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The way you've photographed the failed cap makes it hard to see what wire colours are actually coming out of it, but assuming that GY/5R/5BR/5GR means "a red wire, a brown wire and a green wire, each coming from its own 5µF capacitor connected back to a common grey" then this Amazon listing looks like a compatible replacement to me.
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Response by poster: Thank you zamboni! You're the greatest!
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No worries - hope it all goes smoothly!
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