Fitting dishwasher waste hose - this can't be right, can it? [UK]
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I'm fitting a new dishwasher where no dishwasher was before. And the waste hose (exhibit A) is puzzling me. I've connected it, but it doesn't seem secure. UK plumbing standards apply.

I removed the cuff and plug (exhibit B) from the sink's waste inlet. What I expected to do was put the hose through the cuff, put that back into the inlet and screw the cuff back on to secure it.

That turns out to be impossible, because the rubber hose nozzle is fixed to the plastic hose, and is wide than the aperture in the cuff. The hose's other end attached to the dishwasher is likewise secured, so no sliding the cuff on from the other end.

However, the narrow section of the nozzle fits perfectly snugly inside the waste inlet; exhibit C. It's even a bit of struggle to remove it again. But this doesn't feel right. it's just a rubber-to-PVC friction fit. It's snug, but surely it needs something to secure it in place so it won't leak or work itself free.

The manual is unhelpful. I've googled the crap out of this, but all the videos and guides I've found seem to show different kinds of hose and connector. None of the adaptors for sale in my local DIY shops seem appropriate either.

In case it matters, the external diameter of the hose's end (and therefore the internal diameter of the waste inlet) is ~21mm.

My question is:
What sort of fitting should I be looking for to connect the hose and the threaded inlet? Or, unlikely as it seems, is exhibit C actually a perfectly safe plumbing connection for a dishwasher waste hose?
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Best answer: Here’s a picture of mine if it helps:

Missing piece is maybe something like this:

Plus the clip to hold the hose on tightly.

But you’ll probably get away with exhibit C for a short while, if you need to order extra parts.
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Yeah in this video around the two minute mark you can see he unscrews a spigot from the pipe that you don't seem to have. I would go back to the DIY shop and ask them which size you need, they should be able to help you.
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