What does this picture frame need?
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I recently bought a picture frame and would like to hang one of my photos on the wall. The only hook on the back looks like this, and the frame didn’t come with anything like a wire so I could hang the photo on my wall. Is there another piece I need to buy so I can hang this picture?
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The other piece is a nail. Those hooks just hang on a nail.
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Is the picture frame wood? It looks like it's missing 4 small screws or nails to hold that hanger to the back of the frame. You'd need to measure the frame, mark the center of the top, and then attach the hanger.

Or on preview, if it's already glued to the frame, then yes, just put a nail in the wall and hang the frame on the nail.
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Yep. Assuming the bracket is fixed to the back of the frame, it just rests on a nail or screw. If it's not fixed yet, it'll need little screws, although I've used hot glue or epoxy for light pictures.

The saw-tooth things on the bracket are the part that sits on the nail/screw (I use a small plug and screw for mine, as nails are unreliable in my walls), which sticks out a few mm from the wall. You can move the frame left or right along the teeth a bit so that it balances and sits level.
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Not screws. The heads are too big. It’s meant to hang off a finish nail

The center gap is where you’re meant to hang it the additional ridges help you get it to hang plumb.
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If you don't want to mess with that thing (I personally hate those with a passion!) then command strips or the like will generally work, too. I very much appreciate frames where the hardware like this comes un-attached instead of pre-attached; makes it easy to just toss the metal with the rest of the random hardware assortment I've collected and get the command strips out. :)
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Pictures are never really stable on those comb-style hangers. For a few bucks you can get some eye hooks and hanging wire, and cut to fit. Put the eyes in about 1/3rd of the way down, make sure you have enough wire to wrap it around at least 5 times, and you're good.
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You are meant to use small nails or screws to attach that doohickey to the back of your frame, with the "mouth" of the center bit pointing down; and then you use that as the hook to hang it off a nail. I think it was left loose so you could be the one to decide whether the frame was going to be hung vertically or horizontally, and could attach the doohickey accordingly.

Seconding stormyteal about how command strips are probably going to be a hell of a lot easier. Go for the kind that comes in pairs of strips that have little "teeth" in them that grip to each other like Velcro; you can use multiple pairs for extra security if you want to make sure that they stay up. (I am literally right now looking at the full-length mirror I hung on the back of my bedroom door that way and it's staying up just fine.)
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