How to record a PPT presentation on Zoom and post to YouTube
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I want to record and post a Zoom presentation to YouTube with a Powerpoint slide deck and my voice overlay. Does such a recorder reside within Zoom? I see inklings of it, but can't seem to run anything down. A very well-regarded user tells me he's done this, but I can't get any further aid from him. I' trying to see if I'm wasting my time, or if this possible. Thanks in advance
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Best answer: If I understand what you're asking for, then yes, you can do this - or at least the Zoom recording part. I have no clue about the YouTube part.

Start a Zoom meeting with just you and start recording the meeting. Assuming you have more than one option, record to your computer. Then share your screen and present your slide deck and your narration.

Once you're done and you've stopped recording you'll have an mp4 file that you can then open in whatever video editor you're familiar with.
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Just as ralan says: I run two regular meeting series which kind-of do this: You can record your Zoom screen (of course), you can share your PowerPoint to your Zoom meeting, and the resulting recording has the shared screen in it.

If you want to do things like merge your screen share and camera and various other graphic elements, you can also use a tool like OBS which creates a virtual camera, and lets you add wipes and transitions and all of that stuff. I don't use this because it's just a little more than I'm willing to deal with in my usual Zoom hosting responsibilities, but several of our participants do this kind of stuff with their contributions.
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Here's some information about how to record in zoom. You have to be the meeting host (or I think co-host) so if you've not seen the option before, that may be why. Be aware also that when you start recording, there is an audible announcement of the fact, so it's best to explain what you're doing before you do it.

If this is a presentation that you're doing anyway and you want to record it that way to save time, or if you're relying on including other people or features of zoom, then you can do that. If you don't need those things, another option would be to record voice-overs +/-video of you speaking from within Powerpoint, and then export it as a video and upload to YouTube. This has the advantage that you can do it slide by slide to get it just right, if that's important.
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I can confirm that it's possible to record a Zoom meeting. It looks like they offer local recording (free or paid accounts) or cloud recording (paid accounts only). Once you finish your session, you will be able to use the recording straight from your hard drive (if local) or download the recording from their servers (if cloud). You probably want to share your screen, but not share your camera, which should default the Zoom to be a full-size recording of your shared screen, but there are several different options.

The recorded file can be uploaded directly to YouTube, or you can use a video editor to edit as desired (trim the beginning/end, cut sections, etc.) and then upload the edited file.

One word of caution -- if at all possible, do a few test runs in the exact environment, including audio, and for several minutes, including any silences or quiet parts, and review the recording to ensure you're happy with the result before you do the final presentation. You may want to set your computer to preserve original sound, so that the automatic echo cancellation and background removal don't get in the way. I was involved in an impromptu livestreaming of a funeral, and because this setting wasn't set, any time the priest used a softer voice, the audio cut out because Zoom thought it was background noise. This should be less of a concern when you're giving a presentation in front of a computer, though, but it would still be unfortunate to have to repeat the presentation because of a preventable issue.
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This is part of my job. I am assuming you need to have the presentation on zoom - there are easier solutions for recording a powerpoint presentation.

In both Zoom Meeting and Webinar you can record your presentation, this is controlled by whoever starts the meeting, that prime host can also delegate this role to other users. For our set up we generally use Webinar and have a dedicated machine that joins the Zoom webinar, gets elevated to panelist and then assigned the privilege of local recording. The local recording is currently the only reliable method to capture ASL. We pay for zoom so the host also records to the cloud as a backup, note that you have a limited amount of space for your cloud recordings so plan to get those files moved to a better host.

There are different views that can be recorded on Zoom webinar - Speaker view, Gallery view and a couple of options within those views so I would test those out if you are using webinar. Zoom meeting is much simpler. If you are using captioning know that an artifact of Zoom is the captions always lag the audio/video recording by about 8 seconds and would need to be adjusted if you are offering a captioned video.

We also stream our Zoom webinars direct to youtube's Live stream, which has the option of saving a copy, but this would likely just be a big hassle for you.
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