Ways to Support Small Child with COVID
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The darling daughter of one of my dear coworkers has COVID. She's only four, and it looks like it may be hitting her hard. I'm very worried and want to send little things to her via snail mail to keep her company while she recovers. Taking care of her mom in some way is also on my list. What would you recommend?

Baby girl is extremely smart and creative. Normally she has her grandma with her but coworker is divorced and went to Texas a few weeks ago so baby girl could see her father and step-sister. Grandma didn't come with and I don't think she can join now that baby girl has tested positive.

Something tells me that whatever I send may eventually need to be thrown away, but I don't know. All suggestions welcome.
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Best answer: My kids have been enjoying sticker mosaics, she might enjoy those.
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Best answer: Paint With Water books are cool and basically as unmessy as "painting" could possibly be.
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Best answer: my 4yo loved audiobooks as a sick-escape. not snailmail-able, but maybe work w parents to get a membership and buy some nice stories.

protip: snailmail the matching picture book.

chicka chicka boom boom stands out in my memory.
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Best answer: Maybe a re-usable sticker pad? Like Colorforms or similar. My daughter is close to that age and likes hers a lot. Nice for quiet, creative play, with no mess, and easy to pick up or put down any time.
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Best answer: How about some "self-care" goodies that she can share with her mom for some relaxing spa time? Kids that age generally love to do fancy grown-up stuff.

I'm thinking you could get some nail stickers/decals. Ooh, and some bath tea for a gorgeous floral bath.

If you want to go the beautiful gift box route, I have sent many boxes like this one (from LUSH) to loved ones and they are always delighted.
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Best answer: Absolutely sticker books. There are little Polly pocket dolls that kids often love. And any kind of art supply or little board games (Hoot Hoot Owl?) Very kind of you!
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Best answer: Crayons and construction paper or coloring books. Paint with water books as mentioned above.
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Best answer: - Wimmelbooks have lots to look at and explore and don't require a grown up to read.

-Peel off / wash off kiddie nail polish is exciting to kids and applying it can be nice quality time

-LEGO Friends for ages 4+

-Gift a subscription to EPIC! Reading app which has a huge library of books, many of which are read aloud
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Best answer: Creativity Kits for Kids. Some are rated ages 4+.
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Best answer: Klutz Activity Kits. Some are rated ages 4-8.
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Response by poster: All of these are wonderful? I will queue up a series of presents. Thank you so much.
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