Arabic word for the collective goal of a group journeying together?
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I read about a word, I'm pretty sure in Arabic, for the collective goal or vision of a group journeying together. Anybody remember it?

I believe it mentioned in the context of US political divisions - that users of the word understood that groups tended to lose cohesion when they didn't have such a collective goal.
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Could it be cafila (from Arabic qāfilah)?
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Any chance it was “karass” from Kurt Vonnegut’s book Cat’s Cradle?

“karass: a team of individuals who do God's will without ever discovering what they are doing; every person belongs to one.“
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Similarly, could it be ka-tet, from Stephen King's Dark Tower series?
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Hadj ?
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I guess this is most likely Ibn Khaldun's concept of Assabiyah.
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persian, but caravan at least is a term for a group travelling together.
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