cool adventures accessible by car from NYC
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went to a neat nature preserve/holocaust memorial in Long Island last weekend and have a hankering for more open-air nature-y day trip date destinations for adults accessible by car from NYC.

day trips and overnight trips both welcome. Thanks Metafilter!
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The Planting Fields and Bayard Cutting Arboretums are both pretty nice to walk around in.
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There's always Sands Point Preserve; a bit farther afield is of course Storm King.
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Caveat I have never been there and am completely unfamiliar with the area around NYC, however I think this is neat:

Mefi's Own moonmilk has a sound sculpture at Caramoor.
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Opus 40, near Saughterties. Beautiful and utterly unique.
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The Hancock Shaker Village
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Storm King Arts Center is a pretty magical place.
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I've been spending a lot of time in Hudson Highlands State Park recently and it's great for day hikes. The park includes the Cornish Estate Ruins and Bannerman Castle.
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Wave Hill (Bronx)
Untermyer Gardens (Yonkers)
Chanticleer (Wayne, PA outside of Philly)
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You get have a lovely art-y/garden-y/estate-y overnight trip by visiting the Thomas Cole House, Olana, Art Omi, and The School over two days.
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Wander around The Mohonk Mountain House which is gorgeous, though a bit pricey to stay overnight at (ymmv). I think they offer day passes. Nearby, as an alternative or additional place to go, check out the college town of New Paltz. Go hiking in the Gunks.

There's a lot to do in and around Hudson. It's doable in a day trip but I'd recommend staying overnight. Olana and other Hudson River School (painting) places are worth visiting.

Also: Beacon is worth a visit for its shops, hikes and Dia:Beacon gallery. Rhinebeck is a lovely town, too.

[edited to add: I missed that minervous already recommended Olana & related - so I'm seconding that :)]
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nthing Storm King and Opus 40
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