Seeking fashion resources for tomboyish NB AMAB person
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Are there stylists who specialize in styling NB people? Other resources or tips? More specific asks inside.

The person in question is over 30, gender “tomboyish,” not super fashioney but interested in getting some new clothes and accessories. Accessories which look queer/genderqueer without looking super femme would be particularly welcome.

Recommendations for stylists, online resources, stores, fashion tips — all great.
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Best answer: A fellow NB friend of mine has been really thrilled with Stitchfix. Their stylist has gotten them exactly what they were looking for.
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Best answer: Autostraddle used to run a Find Your Fit series which had some great outfit ideas.
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Best answer: I found this video really helpful in describing how you can "style" feminine versus masculine.

TomboyX accessories might be in the right neighborhood? A quick google for "butch" gave HauteButch - it's okay if "butch" as a label doesn't vibe with them, if they like a shirt they should get it. Short-sleeved patterned buttonups immediately signal queer to me in a really lovely way. Also try Androgynous Fox.

Does this person have gender euphoria feelings about earrings? That would open up a lot of options in a lot of directions.
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Best answer: Look at unisex brands like Jan Jan Von Essche and Kapital for inspiration on silhouettes and combos.
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Best answer: Wildfang is big on tomboy things
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Best answer: Leather wrist cuffs feel queer & aren’t femme, though in some queer spaces people might read choice of left/right wrist as flagging top/bottom.
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Best answer: Big Bud Press has some great stuff. Sadly it's mostly 100% cotton so if you're looking, eg, for pants that are comfortable for some around-town cycling, they are not your best choice. But the colors!

I also like a lot of Baggu stuff for medium-priced on-trend bags and miscellany.

Scarves and bandanas, particularly bandanas, might be a thing. Admittedly, Put This On's bandana coverage is a bit more aimed at straight guys and masc people, but it has some good links and shows some ways to wear them, and of course you're not obliged to buy the rootin'est tootin'-est manly bandana at the fair, either. Bandanas, of course, are also used for flagging in certain settings, so don't go to the gay bar with one in your back pocket or tied, a la Patti Smith, around your wrist unless you've done some internet research.

Also, a lot is going to depend on where you live. Here in the provinces, a slightly unusual shirt that fits well, an on-trend haircut and a scarf can read as pretty queer but this would be bog standard in New York.

Fashion tip-wise: Fit. Consider fit. First, I'd say that queer people in general tend to consider the fit of their clothes a bit more intentionally than a lot of straight people, whether that's "everything I own is maybe a half size "too small"" or "everything I buy goes straight to my tailor" or "I, a small AFAB person, wear a lot of really big sportswear". Second, tighter clothes on AMAB people often read a bit queerer. The easiest way to do this is to wear shirts a size or cut slightly snugger than you'd usually wear.

You could also get a couple of pairs of colorful shoes - that would be an everyday way to queer up your look. Slip-on Vans or Van-like shoes, for instance, or Converse, or of course the puffy trainers that are all the go right now. Or Doc Martens, etc. Classically, one could wear, eg, some grey jeans and a black shirt and maybe some colorful shoes and a bandana and there one goes.

I am full of ideas today, so I'll add that getting pants and jeans in lighter colors and pairing them with light colored shirts would also work. Like, there's a lot of super light blue jeans around; if you pair those with a pink, violet or gold shirt...or ivory or white pants/jeans - white jeans or chinos and a pink tee and fun shoes, etc.
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Response by poster: Great suggestions everybody!!!! Looking into all of them -- thanks a ton.
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I just had this idea - crop tops. Little says queer/NB so loudly as the right crop top. Now, your friend might be thinking "I do not want to reveal my stomach for all the world to see, that after all is a pretty bold move", and I am basically with them on this. Which is why one can use a modified crop top - either a genuinely cropped top over another shirt (like a cropped sweatshirt over a tshirt) or a "cropped" top that hits right at the waistline. A cropped sweatshirt or tee for layering (obviously you can crop them yourself if you want, especially tshirts) allows you to work some extra color into an outfit plus provides extra warmth when we finally hit fall.
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