How can I get a giant stuffed animal from EU to US?
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As a reward for dealing with some hard things, I want to buy my kid this VERY BIG plush they are deeply obsessed with. It is in a warehouse in France that only ships within the EU. I know it will cost a lot, but what is a trustworthy way to get the plush reshipped from the EU to the US?

I found websites that say they do this kind of thing but they don’t look super trustworthy and was hoping someone could recommend a service they are familiar with.

The plush is 50x61x45 cm. Not sure how much it weighs.
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Are you sure on those measurements? 61cm is 24 inches, which doesn't seem "giant". If it is indeed that size, it can probably be squashed down even further of you need to get it into a specific box.
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A vacuum bag might make it into a smaller and denser object. That might really help? Ikea even ships mattresses that way.
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I am assuming that you don't have any human beings you could call in the EU to receive this and reship it for you? If so, those sketchy websites are your best bet, sadly. The problem is that filling out customs forms is a true art form -- this is why people won't just ship stuff all the way to your country for you -- and this is the service you are paying the sketchy website people for.

If you were looking for something to be forwarded from the US I could give you some recommendations as I have family overseas who have done exactly this, but I don't have specific recommendations for coming the other way.
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Response by poster: To clarify, I’m not in the EU, so I can’t mail it myself. I’m looking for a service that will receive the package inside the EU and then send it on to me in the States.

And yes, those are the right measurements. I guess a two foot tall stuffed animal seems giant to me? :)
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I don't know if you found these guys but they seem like the best bet for receiving in the EU and shipping to the US as far as I can tell. If the French people will ship to the UK then you have many more options.
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Best answer: I live in Germany but I will send it on for you :-) my kids LOVE plush and I’d love to make your kids day. I’m not at home right now but I’ll be back on the 20th. Best wishes to you!
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Best answer: I've recommended before. (See here.) I've used this German company (for intra-EU deliveries; not yet non-EU) many times since I made that comment, and have have always been pleased with their service. Their web site provides a lot of well-presented information in English on the process, and prices and surcharges (you will likely get an extra charge for bulky or oversized)
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There are reshipping companies that will accept the item then re-ship them to the US for you. Generally, you google for "reshipper France" or even "Reshipper EU".

Ones that popped right up were, and

You will generally need the weight to get the proper shipping costs calculated. There can be a re-packaging fee as well. There can also be misc fees to receive the item for you. And obviously, VAT needed to be calculated and paid for. Though some of these will have a personal shopper service that will order the item for you as well to make sure you get the right thing.
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Best answer: If all else fails, i can receive and forward it. I live in Austria (EU). Send me memail if you want my help.
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Response by poster: Thank you everybody! I'm trying (fingers crossed!) and deeply appreciate your responses, especially from the EU Mefites who offered to help. You guys are the best.
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