What are some good f2p Android ccg?
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Hello! I'm looking for a ccg type card game for an older Android. (Moto 5e play, I think.) Must be free to play and not abusive. I don't care about genre, as long as the game is fun. Ideally without a lot of time demands, timed events, etc.

Hearthstone is out for, reasons. Magic is out also for reasons, plus I don't think I can run it. Open to pretty much anything else, dungeon crawl/rogue like included. Good stories are good, but not mandatory. Thank you!
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Best answer: To Arms!! is a deck building game rather than a CCG, but I think it's worth trying out. It's a very simple game by a solo developer, so it may not have the polish or complexity of most commercial titles, but it's charming and completely free.
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Best answer: Star Trek TimeLines is F2P, but you're HEAVILY encouraged to buy stuff. Give it a try, and resist the temptation. :)
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