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I'm visiting a friend who is undergoing medical treatment at St. Josephs Hospital in Phoenix. It's a short trip. I'm flying in Friday, we are catching a Diamondbacks game Sat. night and I'm leaving the next day. Looking for recommendations on what to do on Saturday that doesn't involve being outdoors in 100 degrees. Maybe a good art museum or other indoor cultural spot? I'm not unfamiliar with the area but it's been about 10 years since I last visited. Not interested in shooting ranges or ATVs.
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Heard museum. Native American art. Visit the permanent exhibit on Indian Schools.
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Do keep in mind that parts of Phoenix are not well-vaccinated and it is showing in the COVID numbers here.
Normally I would recommend the Musical Instrument Museum, it’s lovely and indoors and in non COVID times you could play some of the instruments, but I don’t know if it’s a good idea right now. Even if you are vaccinated most areas people are not wearing masks; I would check with any venue what their policy is.
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The Musical Instrument Museum. I go there every time I visit family there. It seriously blows my mind and I want to stay there for hours and hours on end. I'm not kidding—this isn't a small place. There are tons of instruments on display, even some you can touch and play yourselves, and all are arranged in a very well-planned out geographical order. I tell everyone going to PHX to visit. You may see a concert unexpectedly; Tinariwen played there a few days after I went home. Anyway, it's on the northeastish side, nearer Scottsdale. I think weekends are better because there's less chance of school groups; otherwise, during low-density times of day even in the pre-covid era, it was very unpopulated.
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I came here to suggest The Musical Instrument Museum, too.
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Mystery Castle, if vernacular architecture might interest you.

Taliesin West, if an actual famous architect might interest you.

Both are at least partly outdoors and it wouldn't surprise me if Mystery Castle wasn't air conditioned, but at least Taliesin West would be earlier in the day.
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The Phoenix Art Museum is a great place to roam and has an onsite cafe. Our numbers aren't great here but, for the most part, unless you're at a popular restaurant or bar, you won't find too many crowds. Quite frankly, if you haven't been here in 10 years, you might just want to drive around downtown and Midtown in your air-conditioned car and then find some place to eat. This city has changed drastically in 10 years.
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