Looking for specific Soviet Folk Funk video
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In this music video there's a funk band playing in the outdoors, 1970s. Later in the video some young, attractive female folk dancers in uniform/costume (shorts & boots I think) come out and dance in a circle around the band, or near the band. Flute, guitar, organ, drums. Unsure of key exactly, but IIRC the tune starts out something like: E5-D5D5,B4D5-E5 / B4-A4A4,E4A4 / Bb4, Bb4 A4-G4,E4-D4E4. Thanks for any tips! Last saw it on Youtube maybe 12+ years ago.
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Shot in the dark: Rasputin by Boney M from 1979?
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Response by poster: Thanks! But no that's not the one.

Quick note: My musical attempt above may be totally incorrect. I think that could be from a different tune.
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