Blogs or social accounts of fat people doing sports/active hobbies
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I’m interested in trying out some new sports and active hobbies, but as an overweight woman that can feel really daunting for many reasons. Sometimes I’ll see other overweight/fat folks doing fun stuff like skateboarding or playing tennis, and it’s really inspirational for me to see that people in larger bodies can do things like that. I’m hoping to find some more inspiration from online sources.

I prefer blogs, though I know most of this kind of thing is on social media now so that’s ok too. Looking for blogs/accounts of people who are plus size (to give an idea of my size, I’m 5’ and a size 14, BMI of 31, though I’d love accounts of folks who are anywhere on the fat spectrum) doing sports and active hobbies.

I’m looking for people doing stuff a bit more “intense” than yoga (I know yoga can be quite intense! But not sure of the best word to use here). The kinds of things I’m thinking are activities like skiing, surfing, rock climbing, the aforementioned tennis and skateboarding, etc. Things that are a bit more high impact, I guess. Running is ok, I know of Mirna Valerio and think she’s awesome, but I think it’s much more common to see plus size runners than people doing the other types of activities I’ve mentioned.

I’d extra love to see accounts from women, and also from older folks (I’m nearing 40).
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Fit is a Feminist Issue started out as 2 Canadian women on a quest to become their fittest by 50 & has since grown into a more wide-ranging blog with a variety of contributors, and a book.
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Best answer: Marley Blonsky is a fat female cyclist whose insta offers lots of resources to help other plus folks give bikes a try.
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Dances With Fat appears to still be active, though it’s been a while since I’ve read it regularly. She is also a marathon runner.
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Best answer: Mirna Valerio has a very active Instagram profile of her latest adventures beyond just running (she also bikes, hikes, skis, etc)
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On Instagram:
Unlikely Hikers
and two dancers:
Erik Cavanaugh
Lizzy Howell
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Ricardo Blas Jr, the biggest man at the 2012 Olympcis. (480 lb Judo heavyweight).
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Leonard Lee is a middle aged overweight cyclist who has cycled for years and does it for fun, not to lose weight. He has some good content for heavier cyclists on his Youtube channel.

Bicycle component maker Shimano has a recent documentary call "All Bodies on Bikes" that focuses on two women athletes.
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I'll add that at 40 I was doing centuries (100 mile rides) at 5'11", 230lbs (32 BMI). I'm 60 now and trying to get back to exercising after 15 years (I got remarried and an office job) and an extra 70lbs, so I'm looking forward to the responses.
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Roller derby is full of women using big bodies to athletic advantage. Most local leagues have one or two induction classes per year and will literally teach you to skate, if this sounds appealing to you. Good balance and body control are important, but also things you can learn. You will not be pigeonholed into a position by size or shape, but rather by speed, balance, and control. Speed and control are all about technique and conditioning, and very little about body type/size. I started playing at age 48, but ended up retiring at 50 due to old, prior injuries. But one of our league’s best jammers is like 60 now. Ngl, you can get good and hurt playing rd (bank track more so than flat track). But if you’re compact and resilient, you might can play a long time. It is so much fun and I miss it so much.
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Gingersnapsburlesque does amazing aerial work (hoop and fabric).
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Roz the Diva, @rozthediva on Instagram, is an awesome plus-size pole dancer who does a lot of advocacy for fat people in fitness.
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Best answer: I memailed you too, but there are loads of plus size figure skaters on Instagram. 1 2 3 4 offhand, plus there's loads of other bigger women who maybe don't identify themselves as fat/plus size in their hashtags :) As someone about your size I find adult skaters to be a really nice and supportive community, on and offline.
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Best answer: Kailey Kornhauser and Marley Blonsky (mentioned above) just made a short film about bike camping as fat women. It’s fantastic. They are fantastic. It’s called All Bodies on Bikes. They offer workshops and speak and have Facebook groups, etc.
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You mighy consider sports that have weight divisions (weightlifting, grappling) and check out the women’s open divisions.
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Golf! Tons of plus size women golfers who are passionate about it and social media it enthusiastically. Cart play isn’t a strength or cardio workout but is great on range of motion. Waking with a caddy or pushcart is two or four hours of almost continuous walking. Carrying your own bags walking for 9 is a fabulous workout that almost anyone can do; carrying for 18 is very accessible with even modest fitness.
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Response by poster: Wow, so many great recommendations! Thanks everyone!
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I used to really enjoy Meredith Atwood’s blog, and I see she has a book out now!
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Ernest Gagnon, big cyclist.
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I'm a huge fan of weightlifting (because I loathe cardio/ doing things fast, but enjoy getting stronger) - incredible ladies out there at all ages and sizes who are incredibly strong!

No names to point to though I'm sure they're out there, but I've enjoyed instruction and videos if you think you might be into weightlifting?
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I can't believe I forgot Meg Boggs! She's an athlete who focuses on weightlifting and resistance training, and I know her through Instagram, though I believe she has other platforms as well.
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