I served on a Grand Jury, but cannot find the paperwork!
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I served on a Grand Jury (Bronx, NY) maybe 6,7 years ago. but I cannot find the paperwork from it. Having served on it, I am exempt from serving for a certain amount of time, but I do not remember. Is their a way to look this up? Records somewhere?
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According to this New York Grand Juror's Handbook, if you sat for 11 days or more, you're exempt for 8 years. If less than 11 days, 6 years.
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Check your email for the word "jury" to figure out when you served.
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Or try contacting them.
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I didn’t see any electronic Juror Service Certificate lookup: maybe they still rely on snail mail?

According to the Bronx County Jury Information site, their contact information is:

Bronx County Clerk
851 Grand Concourse
Bronx NY 10451
Phone: 718-618-3360
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