House shoes without a foam foot bed?
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I'm looking for the kind of slippers that my grandmother used to wear before they started putting foam in the footbed of every house shoe out there. They are mule style, preferably closed toe or peek-a-boo with just a wee bit of padding and a rubber bottom. The thick foam insoles throw me off balance and my balance is already very bad. Thank you.
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I use the spenco total support slides as house shoes. They have a removable cork insole and are pretty low profile. They seem to hit all of your requirements so they might work for you as well as they do for me.
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Best answer: Take a look at Daniel Green house slippers - my grandmother wore these and they have the classic mule styles as well as others.
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I want what you want, which are the old dearfoams flat, thin-soled, peep-toe, terry scuffs, with a rose embroidered on the toe. I’ve been looking for about a year, in person and online, which means they will be available everywhere by next season.
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Best answer: Most of these Uniqlo slippers might fit the bill? I have a pair I've been using to get the mail, etc. in my apartment building all pandemic and they don't seem foam-soled to me.
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Response by poster: Thank you! The Daniel Green are great, but the Uniqlo slippers are too, and they have a good sale on right now.
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Best answer: I was given a pair of Lands End slippers last year, the same style as these (only mine have cardinals on them), and they have a Birkenstock-style footbed with a layer of faux sheepskin on them. They are definitely not 'foamy' or squishy to wear. I am also really hard on slippers, usually wearing out a pair every three or four months. But, having worn these far more than normal due to working from home, they are still looking great and show no sign of wearing out any time soon. So although they're expensive, they're value for money.
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