ADD coach recommendations?
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Anyone have recommendations on ADD coaches who do remote work? Bonus points for affordability, knowledge about organizational skills & productivity skills
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I don't have a personal recommendation, but I do have a pointer with a heavy caveat:

Search TikTok or Instagram for the tag #adhdcoach, and you will find a ton of folks, and most of them do remote work (because they get much of their clientele via TikTok/YouTube/Instagram). You could watch a bunch of the more popular ones, see if any of them resonate with you, and reach out to a couple to inquire about cost and scheduling. Most will have a link in their bio to a page that tells you about their services and how to contact them.

The heavy caveat is one that there's no license or anything required to be a coach, which does make it easier to do offer remote coaching, but also means anyone can call themselves a coach. Some do have counseling, social work, or other relevant backgrounds, so look for that if that's important to you. And either way, vet whoever you're interested in outside of TikTok/YouTube/Insta.
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