Extremely excellent (but achievable!) dance routines
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I dislike most forms of cardio. I love dance. I've been trained in a classical dance form of my country for over a decade, so I'm a fairly competent dancer. I'm looking for great dance videos (like pop song videos/movies, for example) I can copy off from - just for personal entertainment and fitness/happy hormone purposes. Difficulty level- easy to medium. Link me, please. Thank you!
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There's a great series of "copy this dance routine" video games called Just Dance, and most of the videos from them are on Youtube. You can dance along to the routine easily enough without needing to actually play the game and get scored. Search Youtube for "just dance (your favourite pop song)" - there have been so many of these games it's likely some tracks you know are on there.
Boney M - Rasputin
Ylvis - What Does The Fox Say?
Lil Nas X - Old Town Road
BlackPink - Ddu-Du Ddu-Du
Britney Spears - Baby One More Time
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Response by poster: Missed edit window: any language, any style of dance okay. Dance groups showcasing skills on YouTube okay. Literally anything falls under the category 'dance' + 'fun' + 'reasonably achievable without breaking a limb'.
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Kpop is great for this - there are lots of videos out there called something like “rehearsal” or “tutorial” or “mirror” that make the big group dances easier to break down and learn. If you want a specific example, right now I (who’s done things like this before) and my SO (who hasn’t) are learning “Permission to Dance” by BTS and having a great time.
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I love the Fitness Marshall for this.
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The extremely charming Icelandic EuroVision band, Daði & Gagnamagnið, have a tutorial for the dance for this year's song, 10 Years. The dance is pretty simple, but it looks like a lot of fun and the instruction video is hilarious.
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My family puts on YouTube videos by DJ Raphi for this purpose.
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Kpop definitely has a ton of videos you can use for this if you just hit youtube and search "Artist's name" and "Dance practice". One of the groups to first really popularize these types of videos is SHINee and so I will throw out one of the classics - their dance practice video for Lucifer. Other groups that have fun dances (off the top of my head) - SNSD / Girls' Generation, Hyuna, or SISTAR19.
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