Possible to restore SD card to previous version?
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I have some files that are missing from an SD card - I'm not sure how they were deleted, but they're definitely not there now. Is there any way to potentially recover them - along the lines of restoring to a previous version?
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Best answer: photorec, which exists for most operating systems, has been a lifesaver. If you choose that, don't mount it or mess with any more than nnecessary ahead of time.
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There’s no such thing as “restoring to a previous version” but in general the way data recovery works is that when you delete a file, the storage medium removes the reference pointing to where the data is stored, but doesn’t actually write over the data itself until it needs to. Which is why it’s important to stop using the card ASAP — the more you mess with it, the greater chance it will move stuff around and overwrite the data that you’re trying to save.
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Response by poster: photorec did it - thank you, eotvos! Making a donation to the creator now.
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This recent answer to a similar question is about all I can usefully add to what's already been said.
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