Penzu online journal image mystery?
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I use the free version of the Penzu online journal. I use both the android app, and the desktop browser version. I often upload images into journal entries from my phone. I'm mystified by the inconsistent way these images display and sometimes disappear.

I upload images on the android app to a journal entry. When I view that same entry on the desktop version , some of the images are there, some are missing, displaying a "broken image" icon and the text "not found". I can't see any pattern, this seems completely random. Sometimes when I delete and replace those missing images in the android app, they appear on the desktop version. So I don't think it can be anything to do with the file size or format of those images.
I recently deleted a lot of photographs from my phone's "gallery" - that is, the DCIM camera folder .
All the photos I deleted from the gallery, except for the ones I took that same day, disappeared from the Android version of the journal posts. When I view those same posts on the desktop version, most of those images are still there. When I replace those images in the gallery folder on my phone, they are still missing in the android version of the journal entries.
When I dig around in my Android folder structure, I find a folder for penzu with some small images in there, the ones I can still see in the Android version of the journal entries.
So it seems that when I upload images on my phone, it makes copies of those images and store them locally in a "penzu" folder. When I view my journal on my phone, it's pulling photos from that local storage, and when I view it on the desktop, those images have been uploaded somewhere? I've tested the desktop version from different computers, and as far as I can tell those images are not cached locally.
But why did deleting the images from the Gallery also delete the copies of those images from the penzu subfolder?
Or maybe what I'm really asking is - how can I have a journal with lots of photos in it, without having to keep those photos permanently stored on my phone as well? Maybe this is something that becomes easier if you have a "pro" account with Penzu?
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Response by poster: Hmm I see now that the android penzu app might not be supported anymore. So any recommendations for an online android journal would be appreciated.
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I switched from Penzu to Standard Notes, and really like it.

SN takes privacy and security really seriously; it supports Android, iOS, desktop, web, etc; and although the UI is a little nerdy, I've found it a really reliable product over the last few years.

It seems to support images, but you have to pay for Extended to get the Bold Editor, so it's a bit pricier than Penzu. I haven't personally tried adding images from my phone.
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