Last minute vacation in New Jersey!
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I need to quickly plan a nice weekend in New Jersey with a friend. Where can we stay?

Next weekend, 8/13-8/15, I want to spend a weekend with a dear friend of mine. We've both been having stressful times lately and just want a nice easy weekend at a hotel where we can relax in a pool, get massages, and drink some good wine. We're looking to stay in Northern NJ or the lower Hudson Valley.

The most important thing here is no stress. We're both wiped out and dont have to time to put together an itinerary. So an airbnb is probably out. We found the Cascades Resort which is absolutely perfect but... they're hosting a wedding next weekend and are completely booked except for the most expensive rooms that are literally a thousand dollars a night. That is out of our budget. Mohonk would have also worked but are fully booked and crazy expensive as well.

Can anyone suggest a similar resort type place where we could go to relax next weekend, that has availabilty of one room with two beds, or a bed and a pull out couch? Help!
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By chance, I saw advertising for Crystal Springs today. NE corner of the state. Maybe only $500/night.

At the other end of the state, Cape May is pretty laid back. Most of their accommodation is by the week, though, or at least it was pre-pandemic. The other beach towns vary in degree of crowding and honky-tonk, and I can't advise.

There are a few inland recreation areas, like Lake Hopatcong, but I don't know about services for short term stays.
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I live near(ish) Crystal Springs/Grand Cascades… there’s not much else like that very nearby. If you’re willing to head south, the Princeton Westin has rooms available that weekend for around $200/night. There’s a pool at the hotel and the website lists a spa “nearby” - and there’s lots to do just walking around Princeton without needing an itinerary. You could also check out some of the options in the Poconos (sorry, not NJ… but pretty close!).
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I adored my stay at Crystal Springs, and it has everything you want. If I still lived in the Northeast I’d go back for the kind of weekend you’ve in mind in a heartbeat.
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Response by poster: Crystal Springs IS the Cascade Resort, as linked in my question. The only rooms they have left are a thousand dollars a night! Looking for any other recommendations that are not Crystal Springs/Cascade Resort!
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It seems a down scale suggestion, but the Holiday Inn Express in Wanaque is at least near the biggest body of water in extreme northern NJ.
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jersey shore- Long branch onward are great. Atlantic highlands is nice too but it’s rockier.
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