Plus size funeral dress needed
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In a weird and super fun twist, I have two upcoming funerals for family members, one this Friday and one...soon. I need to buy either a plus size solid black dress that isn’t a sheath dress, or a fancy black jumpsuit and I do not have the emotional bandwidth to do this right now. The second funeral will be my mother’s. These funerals will both be in south Florida where it is extremely hot and humid, so I don’t want long sleeves. Can you please help me find something to wear?
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What size are you looking for?
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Torrid has several options for black dresses, including this one that strikes me as dressy-ish. You can also sort to just ones available at a store near you if shipping would not get one to you in time. I have generally found their dresses to fit according to the size chart.
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Old Navy has very good quality dresses. I wear a 16/18 and their 2x fits great without bunching.
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Torrid also has a well-reviewed black jumpsuit. I'm always very satisfied with the construction of their clothing.

Macy's has this black faux-wrap dress, which I think is the Swiss Army Knife of plus size dresses.
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I like Nordstrom for this. You can filter by size, color, neckline, and sleeve length. This faux wrap dress might work.
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Best answer: I am so, so sorry for your loss. Since you need something fast, I'd order from Nordstrom, which packs stuff quickly and offers expedited shipping. I order from Torrid fairly often and it is NOT fast.

Depending on your budget and style I think something from Kiyonna (short, long) or City Chic ( basic, kinda basic, fancier, fancier) would work and get more use later if you can still stand to look at it. There are also some versatile tank dresses available (Reformation, City Chic) but for a religious ceremony you might need to cover your shoulders. City Chic has its own idiosyncratic sizing but Norstrom offers a translation.
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I'm so sorry, tatiana wishbone.

Promenade Eco Jumpsuit in Black at Universal Standard, sizes 4 to 40, sleeveless, "moisture-wicking fabric", $148; per FAQ, "expedited shipping (2-3 business days) at checkout for $15". Site also has black sleeveless dresses, and short-sleeve ones, but some sizes are sold out.
Seconding Nordstrom.
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Also with Nordstrom, it’s very easy to order more than one to try on and send back what you don’t want if you’re not feeling sure about style or fit.
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Best answer: Target has served me well for this in the past. Bonus, the dress I last-minute purchased to survive a muggy Houston summer funeral was inexpensive so I don’t feel guilt about not wanting to wear it much again.

Cotton dress with interesting cut, would be very breathable but has full short sleeves.

Soft lightweight longer dress with straps, bring a cardigan for air conditioning, has pockets, very flowy.

Cotton midi dress with ruffles at the shoulder, gathering at the waist, pockets.

Be kind to yourself whenever possible. Remember that for the most part, people at funerals are not going to fuss much about what other people are wearing, especially considering the weather. Aim for comfort and simplicity.

I would also second Nordstrom. If you have one near you in person, go in and find a sales associate and tell them you need a dress for a funeral in Florida, and they will just sit you down and bring you clothes to try on and do half the work for you and then make sure you have accessories, too. If you have the money and can stand personal attention like that, it is very worth it.
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My condolences.
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I don't know if this is your style, but we're having an outdoor memorial service for the one-year anniversary of my mom's death, and I'm wearing this dress.
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Response by poster: Thank you everyone for your kind words and suggestions. Babelfish, these are absolutely perfection and exactly what I needed someone to do for me. I tried to order three of them BUT they don’t do expedited shipping for certain items and I can’t figure out why not. Anyway thank you again, I’m just going to go to Nordstrom and say what Mizu said to say. Your kindness to an internet stranger is very much appreciated ❤️
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