Have dog, boat, kid, and sometimes car, will travel
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I live in Brooklyn and I'm looking for places within, say, a two hour drive that I can go with two adults, a three year old kid, and a 25 pound puppy to ideally hike, swim (or at least splash in some water) and paddle around a little in our inflatable kayak. It's surprisingly hard to find places around the city that allow all three of those things -- swimming, dogs, and kayaks!

Beach, ponds, lakes, or rivers are all good. Public parks or other. We do some camping overnights, but day use places are preferred.

It doesn't have to be ENTIRELY sanctioned -- we were at Plumb Beach yesterday which technically doesn't allow dogs but there were several other dogs on the beach with us -- but I don't want to do anything too against the rules or stress out our already stressed public park system. Doesn't need to be fancy or have lots of other amenities!

Even more leads on places that will allow dogs (on leash) at swimming areas or at boat launches would be helpful. And, I know, I know, time to pay the puppy tax!
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Maybe consider the Delaware Water Gap.
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Check out McDade Trail for hiking and kayaking. Nice trail that runs along the Delaware River. There is a river access point at Dingmans Access, plus many smaller access points along the trail. Dogs permitted on leash on much of the trail. About a 2 hour drive from Brooklyn.

See for example info here
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Best answer: Harriman State park is about 35-40 miles north of the GW bridge on the Palisades Parkway.

The have a beach swimming area at Tiorati Circle, on Tiorati Lake, and though there are no dogs allowed on the beach, right across the road is a picnic area with table and grills and dogs are allowed there. I believe boating is permitted on this lake but as with all state parks, you'll need the permit.

About two miles past Tiorati Circle is the parking lot for Lake Askoti (on the right, down a hill, easy to miss). There is a small unappealing beach there, not really for swimming, but if you take the trail to the right of the lake next to the sign, after about five minutes hiking there is a steep small beach like area which over the years I have seen many people letting their dogs swim there (including myself). I have seen people swimming in that lake, but I mostly see people in boats or kayaks.

I live in North Brooklyn, and if I leave early enough in the morning (by 6am, but I'm an early morning person), I can get to Harriman within an hour.

(If you're looking for another dog beach in Brooklyn, there's a beach underneath the Belt parkway overpass near the Carnarsie Cricket grounds in Canarsie Park. Park as close to the Cricket grounds as you can and take the path to the right of the cricket oval and then take the right path when it Y's off on the far side of the cricket field) There is usually only the random person fishing, the rest are dogs and their people, and the Belt pkwy overhead provides nice shade. Since it's an inlet there's no strong current so it's relatively safe. It's not as nice as plumb beach, but it tends to be emptier)
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