Resizing images for digital downloads
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I'm selling some of my art as digital downloads and have the high res files. I want to offer files suitable for printing a range of sizes. Is there a site or an app that can convert one image into several files, each sized differently? Are there other tools that will make this simpler than converting each size for each image separately?
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What OS are you using? What image editor do you use? ImageMagick is my go-to for this kind of thing, but you'd need some scripting, either in something like bash (on OS X / linux) or a scripting language like Python/Ruby. On OS X, Automator's got you covered. Not sure about the best equivalent for Windows. Photoshop had a macro feature that could do something like this, at least in the past. Not sure if it's been maintained.
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On PC, IrfanView can do it in batch mode.
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Best answer: makes it very easy to batch edit, so you can do all the images at one size/resolution, then do them all in another size/resolution and so on. So four sizes=four batches. It's very fast and it's free.
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If you use Adobe CC there's multiple ways to do this with Photoshop/Bridge, here's one.
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Flickr does this by default for every photo you upload, allowing people to download it at any resolution if you enable the option. It's a big time saver for me, since people can get the files for themselves without me having to seek them out.
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