Aggressive breast kink
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Hi. I'm trying to do a fruitless search on this fetish I have.

Think femdom or whatever, but with ballistic boobage -- cones, metallic, but better, just weaponized flesh as in shoving them down my throat, etc. I get turned on my those girls who disaplay tit-sparks. Like the idea of forced sucking, all that. Yes, smothering, lactation (squirting), sure... But what's this even called? Could use a good porn link if you'd be so kind.
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Response by poster: titty-boxing...
posted by noelpratt2nd at 4:06 PM on July 29, 2021

Best answer: The NSFW411 subreddit may be a better resource for this than Metafilter.
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Best answer: Have you tried looking around/asking on fetlife?
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