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I'm looking for blogs, newsletters, tumblrs, or similar feeds of visual art from various artists, updated regularly. Any medium, or more than one, is fine: photography, digital and traditional painting, [pictures of] sculpture, and others. Brand new art is great, but so is art from any time period at all. An ideal source is updated between 1 and 100 times a month, and posts things with attribution. Examples: BOOOOOOOM, Shorpy Historical Photos, The Art Showcase.
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Best answer: Colossal
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You better play with Olena Shmahalo's interactive primary domain, right now.
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Best answer: Contemporary Art Curator



Maybe We Make Money Not Art. Often interesting things to look at, but not explicitly visual. This is also the one least likely to show you things that the others do. Probably the most interesting art blog/magazine/whatever I follow.
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Best answer: Public Domain Review regularly posts heavily illustrated (w/high quality images), interesting short essays on a bewildering variety of topics. Some recent-ish favorites:

Photographs of (models of) the moon (1874)

“Invisible Little Worms”: Athanasius Kircher’s Study of the Plague

Emma Willard's Maps of Time
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Best answer: this isn't happiness is sorta broody, but really good to me.

single. artist ig:
alphachanneling's ig is contemporary erotica

same with little thunder
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Best answer: I like Mental Time Traveller on Tumblr, for contemporary art.
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Best answer: Lines and Colors.
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Best answer: Oh hey also Lynda Barry's Tumblr: The Nearsighted Monkey
And Austin Kleon's blog.
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Best answer: #WOMENSART on Twitter.
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Best answer: http://gurneyjourney.blogspot.com/
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Best answer: Art Viewer
Contemporary Art Review L.A.
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Best answer: Stephen Ellcock on Instagram (I think he uses Facebook too).
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Best answer: https://www.dailyartmagazine.com/
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Veni_Vidi_Tweeti in Twitter posts mostly historical photos, paintings, sculpture, etc. He's in Europe so there's a bunch of good posts when I get up in the morning.
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